Video: All of the Ways that BlackBerry Software Impacts the Enterprise of Things

From the 60 million cars on the road running BlackBerry software, to the 80+ security certifications we have earned, to the 20,000+ enterprises that rely on our software, BlackBerry secures, connects, and mobilizes businesses all around the world today. Watch this video to learn more.

Source: WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 support officially extended until the end of 2017


BlackBerry launches QNX Hypervisor 2.0 to help automakers realize a safe and secure connected car

As the need for more advanced safety and security software rises in the automotive sector, BlackBerry QNX has officially launched QNX Hypervisor 2.0, BlackBerry’s most advanced and secure 64-bit embedded operating system which allows developers to partition and isolate safety-critical environments from non-safety critical environments. …

There is no safety without security, said John Wall, senior vice president and head of BlackBerry QNX. If hackers can access a car through a non-critical ECU system, they can tamper or take over safety-critical areas, such as the steering system, brakes or engine. BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor 2.0 safeguards against these types of attacks and is a key component of our multi-level approach to securing connected and autonomous vehicles.

In addition to the launch of QNX Hypervisor 2.0, BlackBerry also announced Qualcomm Technologies has adopted QNX Hypervisor 2.0 as part of certain digital cockpit solutions. Support for QNX Hypervisor 2.0 on the Snapdragon 820Am automotive platform is available today.

The QNX Hypervisor 2.0 will assist automakers in taking greater advantage of the power of our Snapdragon automotive platform,” said Nakul Duggal, vice president, product management, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The ability to run concurrent operating systems on top of the QNX Hypervisor on the Snapdragon 820Am automotive platform will help automakers to reduce hardware complexity and cost in their vehicles, while still delivering the responsive and rich user experiences that consumers demand today.

Download the QNX Hypervisor Product Brief for more information.

Source: BlackBerry launches QNX Hypervisor 2.0 to help automakers realize a safe and secure connected car


What you need to know about QNX Hypervisor

QNX Hypervisor is a Type 1 realtime priority-based microkernel hypervisor built for managing virtual machines. The QNX Hypervisor makes it easier to obtain and maintain safety certifications by separating safety-critical components from non-safety critical components in separate guest operating systems. The QNX Hypervisor boasts the ability to meet the precision requirement of an embedded zero-downtime production system. …

Source: What you need to know about QNX Hypervisor


BlackBerry Mobile – KEYone Release in Canada and the USA

BlackBerry Mobile has announced the final release date for the new BlackBerry KEYone secure Android smartphone for Canada and the United States. This anticipated device will be available for purchase on May 31.

Canadian carriers which will bring the KEYone to their customers are Bell, Bell MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, and TELUS Business. The device will be available for a two year plan at a retail price of $199 CAD.

President and General Manager of TCL Communications (TCT), Steve Cistulli is thrilled to bring this device to consumers:

The BlackBerry story has such a rich history here in Canada, and we’re proud to be part of the new evolution of BlackBerry smartphones that reimagine how we communicate and stay connected with a device that is so distinctly different.

The United States release follows the same timeline. It will be available on May 31. This release will include both CDMA and GSM variants. While BlackBerry Mobile has confirmed the release date, they are unable to announce informations promising more details about US carrier release dates.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure tweeted that Sprint will sell the BlackBerry KEYone later this year.

Hey @BlackBerry fans, the keyboard is back! We’ll have the #KEYone @Sprint later this year!
— MarceloClaure (@marceloclaure) April 27, 2017

Pre-orders from selected partners will begin on May 18. …

Tech writers are very excited about this new smartphone. For example, read more about it in that 24hr-test article,  “Well, hot-diggity-damn, BlackBerry’s KEYone is one hell of a comeback“.

Source: BlackBerry Mobile Announces KEYone Release in Canada and US – UTB Blogs


Webinar: How BlackBerry Secure Technology enables the continuum of emergency response

May 10, 2017
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CEST

Public Safety and Policing organizations are facing some of the most unprecedented challenges as they deal with an evolving crime landscape, increase in the number of emergencies, and internal pressures of doing more with less. Technology solutions of the past decades are simply not agile enough, nor capable of helping law enforcement collaborate securely and resourcefully for quicker decision making.

Please join our webcast with an Industry Security Leader, BlackBerry, and discover how secure technology solutions can make a difference in community policing and the safety of officers and citizens by optimizing operations and communications across your systems, people and processes.

Learn how to help your organization achieve the following:

  • Improved commander awareness and less reliance on Land Mobile Radio
  • Instant Interoperability between staff and first responders
  • Greater effectiveness in coordinating emergency response including dispatching off-duty officers
  • Spend more time in the community versus at the desk
  • Mobilize staff beyond uniform and vehicle
  • Improve administrative processes through efficient document workflow and statement filing methods
  • Improve process of sharing key documents internally and externally with other police or government agencies

We will also discuss success stories on how law enforcement and police agencies are innovating and advancing operations and processes to achieve their goals:

  • Reducing statement processes from 90-45 minutes
  • Recording & updating a report of missing person from 90-10 minutes
  • Recording & updating incidents from 30- 5 minutes
  • Recording & updating crimes from 75-30 minutes

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Source: How BlackBerry Secure Technology enables the continuum of emergency response


BlackBerry Partners with a Leading Insurance Provider to Boost Enterprises’ Cybersecurity

It’s a truth most of us would just as soon forget. Technology trends such as enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things attracts not only the productivity minded, but those with darker motives. I’m talking about hacking, malware, data breaches, and more. Already, the annual cost of data breaches sits at somewhere around $400 billion, and could climb as high as $2.1 trillion globally by 2019.

Businesses know that the need for better security has never been more pressing. So does BlackBerry. It’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to securing, connecting and mobilizing the Enterprise of Things. It’s why we’ve unified our software portfolio into one of the most comprehensive security offerings on the market. It’s why we launched our highly-regarded Professional Cybersecurity Services Practice and are partnered with leading security consultancies such as Giuliani Partners.

And it’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve signed a new agreement with Allied World Assurance Company Holdings. A global, multi-billion-dollar provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions, Allied World will incorporate our BlackBerry SHIELD security self-assessment tool into its FrameWRX cyber risk management solution. Designed to help Allied World’s corporate policyholders assess their privacy measures and network security, FrameWRX also connects them with a select group of vendors to address any issues they uncover. …

Source: BlackBerry Partners with a Leading Insurance Provider to Boost Enterprises’ Cybersecurity


BlackBerry Supports the Fast-Growing AppConfig Community

At BlackBerry, it has always been their goal to help customers transform their businesses – to help them securely build new workflows, processes, and functionality. App development plays a key role in that transformation. Business transformation requires great applications: tools that both increase productivity and protect critical data while preserving user’s privacy.

Developers can choose to use UEM/EMM software development kits (SDKs) to integrate key security and usability capabilities, like those provided by BlackBerry Dynamics. SDKs fill key gaps between native frameworks and what customers and regulated environment demand, particularly for un-managed devices. Developers can also choose, with device deployments that are managed by MDM, to leverage OS level capabilities.

These deployments are focused on native OS controls around:

  • Configuring apps through managed app config
  • Preventing data loss through managed open in
  • Connecting apps securely through per-app VPN

Here’s where the AppConfig community comes in. Launched in February 2016, its purpose was simple: to simplify application development and deployment, and accelerate adoption. By establishing a common approach based on native operating systems, it allows development teams to create configuration policies for applications that work consistently across multiple platforms. As an EMM member of AppConfig, BlackBerry can support customers that want to deploy apps that embrace the AppConfig approach. …

Source: BlackBerry Supports the Fast-Growing AppConfig Community


BlackBerry Privacy Shade Sees a Copycat App With Added Risks

Last month BlackBerry released a new app for Android called BlackBerry Privacy Shade. Privacy Shade is a great app for hiding the majority of your screen from prying eyes while allowing a small viewing area that you can easily move around showing you only the content that you need to see.

It was pointed out today by one of our staff that there is almost an identical app to BlackBerry’s Privacy Shade in the Google Play Store. So I decided to take a look at the app called Privacy Screen Guard and Filter …

Now, Privacy Screen Guard and Filter looks very similar to BlackBerry’s Privacy Shade app with a few little differences. …

BlackBerry Privacy app doesn’t require any permissions other than “Run at start up” and “Draw Over Other Apps.” This is pretty much required for the app to work. …

Now take a look at the permissions for Privacy Screen Guard :

You will see that it is asking for access to the telephone to read phone status and identity, also to reroute outgoing calls. …

So why is it asking for permission to reroute outgoing calls??? This instantly raises a red flag to me, because when using BlackBerry Privacy Shade and a call comes in, there is a notification at the top of of the screen, it is not “blocking the floating notification” …

Now what about the other permissions requested by Privacy Screen Guard:

  • receive data from Internet
  • view network connections
  • full network access
  • draw over other apps
  • prevent device from sleeping

Just what data does it need to receive from the Internet? Why does it need full network access and to view network connections? Prevent device from sleeping??

This app also refuses to work unless you grant it the permission to access your phone. You cannot turn the permission off and still use it, it shuts down.

While this seems like a great app, and a good alternative to BlackBerry Privacy Shade, are you willing to give this app the permissions it requests? I’m certainly not willing to risk my privacy that’s for sure!!

This is just one example of an app with suspect permissions. There are hundreds, if not thousands out there. …

Source: BlackBerry Privacy Shade Sees a Copycat App With Added Risks. – UTB Blogs


Privacy is Dead: Why BlackBerry Matters Even More

There has been an onslaught of war against privacy. Governments across the world are truly after the idea of “panoptikon”- a central hub to monitor all digital services. In US, Facebook/Google were spun off to provide a commercial angle. Ostensibly, they are advertising companies but that only sustains their snooping capabilities. It’s sad that they hire the best brains on the planet to serve advertisements to their users. Surveillance started off when it was realised that Internet connectivity could be sliced/diced/decrypted in any manner whatsoever, to spy on users.

We all have willingly handed over our data to companies. WhatsApp remains one prime example of how bad it can be. We don’t read privacy policies, we hand our access permissions to applications without a second thought and are only concerned about instant gratification. We leak our GPS data (location) continuously which allows these companies to know our patterns of life exactly. How much thought have we given to this? …

Privacy, my dear readers, is ethereal. We don’t realise about it, unless it’s gone. …

Source: Privacy is Dead: Why BlackBerry Matters Even More. – UTB Blogs


BlackBerry Opts In for Privacy

At BlackBerry, we make it our business not to know your business. This mindset has led us to be one of the most trusted mobile security software providers in the world. We believe privacy is paramount. It’s because of this I felt the need to address recent news surrounding the FCC’s Internet privacy rule which would have banned Internet providers from collecting, storing, sharing, and selling certain types of customer information without those customers’ consent.

Even though the legislation was signed on Monday night, I want to reassure employees and customers that BlackBerry will continue to provide the highest standard of security, which includes an opt-in approach as it provides the most protection. Our privacy policy will not change. We do not look to monetize our customer’s information and imperil their privacy.

While it is great the U.S. government is taking steps to ease regulatory burdens on business, encroaching on privacy is something everyone in the tech industry should stand up against. By working together to protect our customers’ private information we can send a clear message that Americans’ privacy is not for sale.

Source: BlackBerry Opts In for Privacy