BlackBerry keeps train lease company on track

… Angel Trains is one of Britain’s leading train leasing companies, providing rolling stock to every train company in the nation. The sheer size of this operation means that Angel Trains needed a way to manage their employee’s mobile devices, no matter where they were across the United Kingdom. Not only that; their staff also needed simple, swift and secure access to company resources through those devices.

Up until recently, the company had been using MobileIron, but as their staff required both a greater range of features and support for more variety in supported devices, it became clear that Angel Trains’ current MDM provider couldn’t keep up. That’s where BlackBerry came into the picture.

At first, Angel Trains deployed BES10 alongside their MobileIron package, but soon transitioned to BlackBerry UEM. BlackBerry UEM meant that Angel Trains could support their device fleet from a single screen, using an MDM solution that supported their internal Microsoft Exchange server. BlackBerry UEM provided the flexibility and cross-platform compatibility their business required. Another advantage of BlackBerry UEM is its ability to support IoT devices – effectively future-proofing Angel Trains’ MDM provision.

Anthony Albon, Angel Trains’ IT Support Manager said,

As a company, and within IT, we have a lot of experience with BlackBerry powering our business. Since we were already using BlackBerry, moving to UEM and ditching MobileIron to meet the expanding needs of our users seemed like a natural choice.

Since transitioning to BlackBerry UEM, Angel Trains has increased efficiency and improved connectivity across the company – and now employees can register devices with the UEM dashboard for themselves, with nothing more an email and a registration code! …

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Business Apps – Overview of Managed Android Devices

By: BlackBerry Elite, Ekke Gentz

If you’re developing mobile business apps sooner or later customers will request to debug, build and run on managed devices. This blog post is focused on Google for Work | Android (aka Android for Work) …

My examples are based on BlackBerry UEM 12.6 (formely known as BES 12)

You can try out UEM for 30 days (Cloud version) or 60 days (on-premises) for free.

Using a managed device is like working behind the firewall via VPN, but all is transparently managed by the EMM solution provider.

EMM Admin manages users, user groups, devices, policies and apps. Here you can download the policies for BlackBerry UEM. Get an overview of BlackBerry UEM here.

Developing a new app there are typically 3 stages:

  1. develop UI with MockUp data (no access to servers needed)
  2. test against test environment
  3. release for production environment

Source: Overview managed Android Devices


Watch Your Endpoints: How to Upgrade from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM – and Why You Should

Are you thinking about upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM but don’t know where to start? Look no further than our new guide to the benefits of our unified endpoint management platform! Whether you’re wondering about BlackBerry UEM’s enhanced capabilities for mobile device management (MDM) and app management-supported policies; looking for information about advanced policies, controls, and containment capabilities; or want to know what kinds of administration improvements are available, the Benefits of Upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM Reference Guide will help you find the answers that you’re looking for. …

For more information like this, read the Benefits of Upgrading from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM Reference Guide and also check out the BlackBerry UEM Pre-installation and Pre-upgrade Checklist.

Source: Watch Your Endpoints: How to Upgrade from Good Control to BlackBerry UEM – and Why You Should