Hackers Gain Access To Australia’s Medicare Service – Customers Private Data Up For Sale

Hackers have gained access to Australian Government Agency Medicare and are selling the card details of millions of Australians on the Dark Web. This can potentially lead to access to private health records of millions of Australians.

A trader on the Dark Web is illegally selling the Medicare patient details of any Australian on request by “exploiting a vulnerability” in a government system.

The seller is using a Australian Department of Human Services logo to advertise their services and are reportedly selling card details for just $30.

The precise method the seller is using to obtain the Medicare details remains unknown and may be difficult for government agencies to track.

Australian Human Services Minister Alan Tudge said the concerning incident was being treated seriously, but the information being sold wasn’t sufficient to access any personal records.

However, IT experts dispute this and have called for the Government to abandon plans to automatically create a My Health Record for every Australian. …

Source: Hackers Gain Access To Australia’s Medicare Service. Customer’s Private Data Up For Sale. – UTB Blogs


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