Privacy is Dead: Why BlackBerry Matters Even More

There has been an onslaught of war against privacy. Governments across the world are truly after the idea of “panoptikon”- a central hub to monitor all digital services. In US, Facebook/Google were spun off to provide a commercial angle. Ostensibly, they are advertising companies but that only sustains their snooping capabilities. It’s sad that they hire the best brains on the planet to serve advertisements to their users. Surveillance started off when it was realised that Internet connectivity could be sliced/diced/decrypted in any manner whatsoever, to spy on users.

We all have willingly handed over our data to companies. WhatsApp remains one prime example of how bad it can be. We don’t read privacy policies, we hand our access permissions to applications without a second thought and are only concerned about instant gratification. We leak our GPS data (location) continuously which allows these companies to know our patterns of life exactly. How much thought have we given to this? …

Privacy, my dear readers, is ethereal. We don’t realise about it, unless it’s gone. …

Source: Privacy is Dead: Why BlackBerry Matters Even More. – UTB Blogs


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