MIT: US cyber insecurity a ‘disgrace’ that Trump needs to take seriously

MIT says that unless cybersecurity becomes a priority and more than just lip service, US core services will be at risk.

MIT experts have warned the Trump Administration that unless urgent action is taken to control the influx of sophisticated cybercrime, US core services and infrastructure will be placed at risk.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, together with the educational establishment’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) said on Tuesday that over the past 25 years, leaders of the United States have done little to promote or encourage cybersecurity solutions, education, and training.

Instead, they have done nothing more than pay “lip service” to the topic or agree to short-term fixes which have led to a game of “Whack-a-Mole.”

However, things have changed. In the past decade, cybersecurity expertise in both the white and black-hat arenas has expanded, and as part of this transformation, we now have state-sponsored threat actors with resources at their disposal to target governments and companies alike, teenagers that are able to take down tech vendor websites from their bedrooms with ease, and hardly a week goes by when we do not hear of yet another data breach which has led to the release of credentials belonging to millions of accounts online. …

Source: MIT: US cyber insecurity a ‘disgrace’ that Trump needs to take seriously


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