Is Everything Hackable In The Internet Of Things?

The impact of the Mirai botnet has raised concerns about the internet of things, but saying everything is hackable is misleading. There are manufacturers focusing on IoT for consumers that take security seriously, though I’ve noticed that they are the minority.

From what I’ve seen, some of those manufacturers have internal security programs including application and product security teams, incident response teams, bug bounty programs and public documentation for researchers and consumers. But others only have a few – or even none at all.

Many IoT devices lack basic security controls, and assume that the network or router is responsible for defense. This is caused by lack of security awareness among manufacturers. These manufacturers are building devices and then branding (white labeling) them with their customer’s brand. For example, many of the devices that were used in the Mirai botnet came from one manufacturer, but they were sold by many other companies. …

Source: Is Everything Hackable In The Internet Of Things?


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