The Surprising IT Worry That Keeps Healthcare Lawyers Up at Night

The top issue on a healthcare lawyer’s list of concerns is not what you might think. It’s not medical malpractice, disgruntled employees, or healthcare regulations. According to Consero Group’s 2017 Healthcare General Counsel Report, the issue keeping lawyers at mid- to large-sized healthcare organizations up at night is – data security.

Robert Azar, general counsel of Norton Healthcare, a Midwestern U.S. healthcare system with 210 hospitals, clinics, and other locations, told The National Law Journal that smartphones – and all the data they produce and store – are a key risk issue for lawyers. It is  practically impossible to control patients and families taking cellphone pictures and texting or posting them on social media. Regardless of the number of policies a hospital implements, it is a challenge to prevent doctors (including independent doctors with hospital privileges) and other staff members from using personal mobile devices to text or communicate patient information.

“The ability to control those [personal devices] is fairly limited,” Azar said. “It’s created a situation where most people feel it’s inevitable that something bad is going to happen.” …

Source: The Surprising IT Worry That Keeps Healthcare Lawyers Up at Night


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