The Phone Hack that Strangled 911

“911” Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring….

It’s easy to take for granted. You pick up a phone, punch a few buttons, and then someone’s there to help you in a time of great need, maybe even life or death.

It’s the emergency response phone system. Often called 911 in America. Although, it goes by other names; check out this list for emergency numbers in other countries.

A few months ago, this entire infrastructure was as risk. It wasn’t because of a huge government hack. Nor was it because a some lay about IT person, not standing guard. No, this hack happened at the endpoint, the end user. And the thing that almost crippled a national public safety system? A viral tweet. …

This hack only affected iPhones. Other smartphone OS’s were not vulnerable to the coded takeover.

It’s estimated that over half a million people saw this tweet, and it was clicked over 100,000 times. That’s a possible 100,000 phones that flooded their local 911s, 911s that might not be equipped to handle more than a few calls at a time, thus crippling their ability to handle any real emergencies. …

Source: The Phone Hack that Strangled 911 – UTB Blogs


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