Business apps leaking data? Manage the risk.

About 80% of enterprises are already developing at least one custom app, and analysts predict the average number of custom apps per enterprise will grow to well over 1,000 in the next five years.

Custom or not, employees are using a growing number and range of mobile apps to get work done anytime, anywhere. You don’t want to stand in the way of productivity, but there’s a real risk of leaking corporate data.

When it comes to enterprise apps, you need a solution that can meet the demands for both security and user flexibility.

BlackBerry Dynamics, a key component of our new BlackBerry Secure platform, reduces the risk of data leakage by delivering proven security at the app level. It offers an advanced, mature, and tested container for mobile apps.

But it’s more than a security tool. It’s also a market-leading platform for creating enterprise apps with ease and efficiency.

Check out 5 ways BlackBerry Dynamics protects and supports enterprise apps.

Where are you on the scale of enterprise security maturity? Find out here.

Source: Business apps leaking data? Manage the risk.


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